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Organizing the EYP Regional Session Basel 2019

What comes after being an EYP delegate?

Developing new skills, evolving, adapting, communicating and becoming active citizens. That is what education is about and what EYP achieves. Over a year after our first session in the school auditorium, after we fell in love with EYP, enjoyed our own regional as well as national sessions and also traveled to sessions all over Europe, we had the privilege to give back to the EYP organization, by organizing this year’s Regional Session in Basel. After months of planning, coordinating, fundraising, and much more, it was a huge satisfaction to see the delegates, including a few from our Gymnasium am Münsterplatz, enjoying the Session. The session, was two days full of fun team building, interesting debates, enthusiastic discussions, fun times and not much sleep for the Organizing Team. Fortunately, right after the session the holidays started and we had the chance to compensate for the lack of sleep and get some well deserved relaxation. (Orad Chidiosan, 4A)

Current and former GM students at the Regional Session Basel

Photos courtesy of EYP Switzerland.