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EYP National Session in Zürich (September 2019)

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Organizers and officials who made the session happen: 9 of them current and former GM students!

Long-term EYP commitment

Considering the time and energy needed to pull an event of these dimensions off, I am very proud to see that nine of our current and former students have taken part in making the session in Zürich happen! Thank you Mia, Melinda, Max, Joshua, Emanuel, Can, William, Chiara and David for your efforts and perserverance! And let's not forget Jana and Miriam on the board of EYP Switzerland who make sure things are working smoothly year-round. It's wonderful to regularly see you all at EYP events even when you've long left our school. 

Eleonora Spasojevic


A delegate's report on Zürich 2019

Before the EYP session, our delegation had to create an application together as well as prepare and bring food for the Soul Fair, according to the topic "family brunch". We decided to bring homemade quiche and zopf as well as cheese, fruit and orange juice.

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On the first day we arrived at the hostel at around 10 am. We checked in and were taken to a park in Zürich where the official introduction and teambuilding took place. Throughout the day, we got to know our different committee members and fellow delegates and did a lot of very fun games and team-building exercises. For dinner we got to eat all the different delicious foods that different schools brought for the Soul Fair.

Team building

Committee work

On the second day, we went to a school, and did committee work all day long. For the committee work each committee had to discuss the main issues concerning their topic and come up with a solution together, which was incredibly informative and fun and we were able to get to know our committee member better as well. The theme of the session was wellbeing and topics such as prisoner’s healthcare, assisted suicide, mental health and the decriminalization of drugs were discussed. At the end of the day we attended the official opening ceremony of the session.

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Committee Work
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On the third day, which was the second day of committee work, we wrote the Operative Clauses for our different Resolutions. We debated a lot about solutions for the issues we had found the previous day, which was interesting, because there many differences in opinions.


The next and last two days of the session consisted of the General Assembly, where we debated over all of the resolutions that were presented by the committees and then voted if the resolution should be passed or not. This included other interesting topics such as vaccination and air pollution. We had to research a little about each topic and know enough about them to be able to raise points for each one. The General Assembly days were the most exciting; being able to discuss so many topics of current relevance and making points is a lot of fun!

On the first night after General Assembly each committee went to a different restaurant for dinner together to get to know each other better.

General Assembly

All in all, it was a fun and we made many friends from all over Switzerland and even some people from other European countries such as Sweden.

Next our delegation will be going to the Russian national session in Moscow which we are all very excited for!

Ella Meixner, 5D