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European Youth Parliament

Participation at the European Youth Parliament is part of the political education at our school, applied to topics and processes of the European Union. Key elements are academic work – debating current political and social topics – as well as social aspects.

At the European Youth Parliament (EYP) the student delegations discuss various issues connected to Europe and its current political challenges. But the EYP is more than just a debate: It’s a way to make friends with students from all over Switzerland and Europe.

Every EYP conference consists of three parts:

  • Teambuilding: You get together with students you have never met before, so you get to know them first with fun activities.

  • Committee work: In every committee you discuss various topics and try to find a consensus.

  • General Assembly: On the last day there is a big General Assembly where you present your ideas and discuss them formally with the other committees.

At the National Conference of EYP Switzerland (every September) up six students our school can form a delegation. There they will meet participants from other Swiss schools and committee chairpersons from all over Europe. All the discussions will be in English, so this is a good opportunity to practise your language skills.

At the National Conference the best delegations are selected for the international conferences and this might give you the opportunity to travel to interesting places anywhere in Europe and to meet delegations from almost every European country!

In the past years, GM students have successfully participated in many national and international conferences, such as in Vienna, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Tirana, Istanbul and others. Some have also chosen to continue their EYP experience as journalists, editors, chairperson or organizing sessions themselves, and currently two former students are on the board of EYP Switzerland.

Are you interested in global issues and political challenges? Are you open-minded and like meeting other people? Do you enjoy working in a team? Are you fluent in English? Then EYP is the thing for you.

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