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History as a subject is about human thoughts and actions, it deals with central concepts such as identity and commemoration. Being exposed to other perceptions enables experiences outside the own sphere of living, fostering reflection of personal ideas, values and behavioral patterns. Contemporary phenomena are considered a consequence of historical events, processes and structures. The examination of historical eras helps our students to orient themselves in the course of time. 

Political education is taught in a specially created block week in the first grade. Engagement with politics shows the students the possibilities they have to take responsibility and to contribute to society and state. 



You'll find detailed information on content and amount of classes of the mandatory / supplementary subject History in the "Schulischer Lehrplan des Gymnasiums am Münsterplatz" (pages 65-73) and on the elective subject History on page 167f.

Here, you'll find the IB History curriculum.



The history books below will be used in class. It is advisable to contact the individual history teacher directly and to inquire about which books will be needed.

IB History:

    • Dailey, Andy. The move to global war. ISBN 978-1-4718-3932-0
    • Todd, Allen; Waller, Sally. Authoritarian states (20th Century). ISBN 978-1-107-55889-2 
    • Rogers, Kelly. Thomas, Jo. Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars. ISBN 978-1-4479-8415-3

    Immersion History:

      • Kröger, Rolf et al. Exploring History 1. ISBN 978-3-14-111048-7
      • Kröger, Rolf et al. Exploring History 2. ISBN 978-3-14-111049-4

      Grundlagenfach Geschichte

      (books in German):

      • Gross, Christophe et al. Schweizer Geschichtsbuch 2. ISBN 978-3-06-064519-0

      • Gross, Christophe et al. Schweizer Geschichtsbuch 3/4. ISBN: 978-3-06-064550-3

      • Schläpfer / Boesch. Weltgeschichte. ISBN 978-3-280-04133-8



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