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GM Coaching classes

GM Coaching Classes

At the “Gymnasium am Muensterplatz” (GM), students assigned to the normal curriculum (10-13th school years) can choose to enroll in a Coaching Class, where subject-specific teachers will provide them with targeted support in achieving success with their homework.

GM Coaching Class Option

In addition to new, exciting educational programs such as ‘political education’ and motivating study trips abroad, the GM now offers students in the normal curriculum as of third grade (=10th school year) the option to enroll in GM Coaching Classes, where subject-specific teachers provide students individual support in doing their homework. This new offer is based on the fact that many students of the upper secondary school state have difficulties in managing their weekly homework at home without professional help. Effective time management also seems to pose a challenge to some students.

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The concept of these coaching classes promotes a learning environment where students are encouraged to work independently while being professionally coached. With this approach, we would like to increase the student’s self-reliance and competence and to encourage students to apply a question-based way of learning in order to be prepared for the prevailing working methods at university.

The majority of the weekly Coaching Class lessons take place in the usual subject-specific classrooms. The individual’s coached work will make up 20% of the lessons per week. The teacher’s role in the Coaching Classes focuses on giving dedicated support while the students work on specific tasks and assignments in the newly furnished areas of the GM, such as the GM-study centre, the media centre and the furnished corridors.

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Framework of the Coaching Classes

  • From the 3rd year of secondary school on (= 10th school year), students assigned to the normal curriculum can choose to enroll in a Coaching Class. Thanks to the subject-specific coached learning, students will be able to complete their weekly homework successfully within this framework. In total, students will have two additional lessons per week where they will be provided with compulsory coaching lessons in their Matura-relevant subjects such as mathematics, French and German as well as in their main subject. The goal is to reduce the students’ workload spent on follow-up homework in the evening and on weekends and improve the quality of the homework produced.
  • The number of places within the coaching classes is limited and will only be available for 3rd grade students of the normal curriculum 2017-2018. (Students with an IB admission are excluded.)
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  • During the coaching lessons, the students work on clearly defined tasks while the subject teacher provides individual support if and wherever needed. The attendance of the entire coaching lesson is compulsory for all students.
  • Most of the time, the coaching lessons will be held by the regular subject teacher.
  • The coaching lessons of the ‘normal’ classes will take place in the new learning centre or in classrooms with direct access to furnished corridor zones. During the individual working time, the teachers supervise the learning areas and ensure a stimulating and constructive working atmosphere. 
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Timetable for Coaching Classes

  • GM-Coaching Classes starting from 10th school year on
  • (Optional enrolment for SuS as of end of 9th school year)
  • Coaching lessons in: Mathematics, French, German and main subject
  • Timetable:
    • German + main subject:   3L + 2L Coaching
    • French + mathematics:     2L + 2L Coaching

In total: +2L in the school timetable

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