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Historical summary

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Information board dedicated to the 1000-year-old educational tradition at the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz

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Gymnasium am Münsterplatz

11th century: Foundation by the Bishop of Basel as the cathedral's collegiate school with Latin lessons für the clergy

16th century: Under the influence of Basel's Reformer Johannes Oekolampad widening of the teaching offer including Greek lessons

1541: The University of Basel takes over the supervision of the Münster School. Establishment of rules for the 'school on Castel Hill' by the Rector of the University of Basel, Bonifacius Amerbach. From this Point on, the grammar School should prepare the bourgeoisie of Basel to study at the University of Basel

1544 - 1578: Expansion of the Münster School under Principal Thomas Platter, originary a shepherd Boy from the Canton of Valais, and who should become a renowned humanist and book printer.

1589: Expansion of the premises at Münsterplatz 15 and concentration of the entire gymnasium lessons of Basel in the new grammar school 'uff Burg'

1589 - 1995: Humanistisches Gymnasium (HG)

1967: First female students enter the Humanistisches Gymnasium

1995: The school is renamed "Gymnasium am Münsterplatz" (

Famous persons who taught at the HG/GM (in chronological order):
Thomas Platter (Humanist), Johann Bernoulli (Mathematician), Friedrich Nietzsche (Poet and Philosopher), Jacob Burckhardt (Historian), Christian Friedrich Schönbein (Chemist and Physicist), Alfred Gasser (Historian)

Famous pupils of the HG/GM (in chronological order):
Johann Rudolf Wettstein (Mayor), Johann/Jakob/Daniel Bernoulli (Mathematicians), Leonhard Euler (Mathematician), Johann Peter Hebel (Poet), Arnold Böcklin (Painter), Carl Gustav Jung (Psychologist), Alfred Dreyfus (Victim of anti-semitism in France, became famous through Émile Zola's Pamphlet „J’accuse“), Hanspeter Tschudi (Federal Councillor), Rick Deckard (Vice Principal)