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Getting in touch with the head of the English Department:

Ms Carol Meyer:

Basic Subject English

English classes aim to further improve students’ English language skills as well as their knowledge of the literature and culture of the English-speaking world. English classes enhance students’ linguistic and cultural understanding, enabling them to interact appropriately in English in a given situation. Students become aware of different language and thought structures and are supported in acquiring the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition to this, IB students prepare for the English B Higher Level language exam.

Main Elective Subject English with IB

Those wishing to choose the main elective subject English have to combine it with IB Option 1 or 2 and thus with English immersion teaching in 5-7 subjects. For the IB exams, the more advanced English A Higher Level is the goal.

Language Acquisition and Language Analysis
Students receive intense training to improve both their oral and written expression so they can communicate confidently and in an appropriate style. Furthermore, some aspects of the history of English are studied in depth, as are some specialised language uses, e.g. in advertisements or political rhetoric. Multilingualism or regional variations of English also form part of the curriculum.

Literature and Culture
In literature classes, classics are read as well as more modern texts from different English-speaking countries, increasing intercultural awareness. Based on these readings, students get to know various kinds of human experience and behaviour. They are in this way encouraged to reflect on their own range of experience and their value judgements, and to recognise them as dependent on history and culture.

Study Trip
In the autumn of the second-to-last year at the Gymnasium, students with the main elective subject English go on a study trip to Great Britain, Ireland, or the USA. Before that, they write an assignment on a topic of their own choice and then present it to their fellow students on the study trip, if possible in a place relevant to their topic. The trip is designed to enable learners to examine English-speaking culture in greater depth and to actively use their language skills.

1st to 4th school years: 4 lessons per week

Cambridge Courses

The optional Cambridge courses (2 lessons per week) are exam classes preparing participants for Cambridge Certificates on different levels. We particularly recommend these courses to non-IB students as an alternative way of obtaining an internationally recognised English certificate.

Acting in English

This optional course (2 lessons per week) gives students the opportunity to improve their English in a playful manner. On stage they learn the art and craft of acting and finish the course by showcasing their projects in the assembly hall.