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  • Main elective subjects: English, Greek, Latin, PPP, Spanish
  • Supplementary subjects
  • Optional subjects
  • Heads of Departments

The Gymnasium am Münsterplatz offers its pupils numerous options and additional courses.

In the compulsory elective subject Physical Education, there is a wide variety of sports, from volleyball to football (soccer) – including for girls – and from canoeing, fencing or dancing to archery. Diet and fitness can also be addressed in the subject “Learning through Project Work”. At our school, winter sports camps are still carried out with enthusiasm and for all age groups. Three-day hikes on the Europaweg trail from our twin town Grächen to Zermatt are sponsored by a foundation. The Gymnasium am Münsterplatz promotes health and fitness because in keeping with our tradition we strive to follow the words of the Roman poet Juvenal: Orandum est, ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.

Optional courses in the subject “Learning through Project Work” introduce pupils to scholarly work techniques, thus preparing them for the Matura paper. The topic of this paper, a prerequisite for the admission to the Matura exams, can be individually chosen by pupils.

Moreover, various optional subjects are available: our school offers choir singing and jazz band; languages such as Italian or Spanish (for Latin and Greek pupils), Hebrew or Latin (for Spanish pupils); and Supplementary Mathematics.

Our pupils can also attend classes in Chinese, Japanese or Russian at another Basel Gymnasium.

The supplementary subjects are offered in conjunction with the Gymnasium Bäumlihof. This considerably widens the choice. In this way, 4th- and 5th-form pupils can attend a supplementary subject such as art, biology, physical education, geography, history, philosophy, economics and law, or combinations thereof. The offer is regularly adjusted to the needs.

Pupils in year 12 go on a study trip with a demanding topic from their main subject. Study trips usually go to France, Italy, Greece, England, the USA, Spain or Germany. In addition, year 11 classes can prepare a play at a theatre camp and then perform it in the school’s assembly hall. The GM’s foundations and trusts help fund study trips and cultural events. In the week before the autumn holidays, the Matura (final-year) classes undertake a cultural journey, accompanied by teachers who take ultimately responsibility for the trip.