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Physical Education provides a platform for interpersonal and social experiences. The focus is put on teamwork in games, competition in individual sports (e.g. athletics, swimming, sports day, etc.), mutual care in sport camps (snow sports) or group work (gymnastics).

We intend to support adolescents in their social conduct. Furthermore, we aim at giving them the opportunity to find joy in movement and sports. With the establishing of motivation and foundation, the adolescents have hence the potential and heightened awareness in order to exercise more in their leisure time. Additionally, our goal is to promote a long-lasting commitment to sport after their school career.

Diversity is the key term regarding the content of PE at the GM. During the summer semesters, we focus on: outdoor games, athletics, cross-country races and swimming. A strong emphasis during winter semesters is put on gymnastics, fitness, dance, indoor games, swimming, ice skating, etc. Sport camps for all grades are an additional highlight in our curriculum (snow sports and summer camp in Tenero).

“Sport and Biology” or “Sports” can be selected as Ergänzungsfächer for students attending the third grade since 2004/05 (2 years, counts full for the Matura). Here, theoretical knowledge on anatomy, training sciences, physiology, society, media and history are taught. Here, basic skills and knowledge drawn from the regular PE curriculum are deepened and widened, e.g. ball games, athletics, dance/aerobics, strength and cardio training with the participation at the Basler Stadtlauf, etc. Therefore, this course builts a multifaceted and strong linkage between theory and practice.



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