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There's a lot of school outside the classroom at the GM

New recreational areas for students

In order to allow students to settle easily into our school, every student is assigned an older and more experienced student that will show the newcomers around and help them with any questions they might have.

Parents committee

Apart from the head of school, the staff and other employees of the school, further institutions add to the wellbeing of the students. These institutions are meant to add life to the school and to realise new ideas. The parents committee debates school-related questions that are brought up by students or parents at home. If necessary, the committee contacts the head of the school or a member of the staff and suggests improvements.

Student parliament

The Student parliament (short: SIP) is made up of two elected representatives from every class. It is listens to and picks up the needs of the students. The parliament picks up ideas from the students and presents them to the head of school and the staff meeting.

Recreational areas

In the schoolyard, there is a basketball court, table tennis desks and a chest full of games – open during recess. Students can resort to a vast number of recreational areas: the Mediothek (library) offers work places with a modern IT infrastructure, where students are assisted by the librarian. The beautiful new GM-Mensa (cafeteria) offers the students the possibility to eat healthily for little money every day. Apart from that, there are several tables and lounge areas in the school building, where students can eat their own food.

School development through participation

Learning centre, recreational area and school halls: a committee made up of students, teachers, interior architects and the head of school together develop new areas that provide comfortable sitting options for modern ways of teaching.

The freshly and completely modernised buildings of the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz allow teachers to adapt their lessons more to the individual needs of the learners. The following options are available at our school:

• self-centred and self-organised learning at individual work stations in the learning centre, coached by teachers – instead of lecture-style lessons.

• Learning lying down on especially designed furniture or learning standing upright on movable cones at desks.

• Group work at round desks.

• Bonding time during morning recess.

• A powernap after lunch break.  

• Reading news magazines on comfortable furniture.

Modern infrastructure in classrooms

Chalkboards and overhead projectors are things of the past. Nowadays, all our rooms are equipped with computers, visualisers and multimedia equipment. All of this is attached to beamers and sound-systems that guarantee best quality.


Computers and the Internet are an everyday reality that cannot be avoided, but needs to be integrated into teaching. Notebook-classes pick up this fact. Each student in these classes has a personal notebook. Teachers organise their classes in a way that modern learning tools, Internet resources and office applications are used in a sensible way. Notebook-classes prepare students for the life as university students in the digital age.