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A Classical College Prepatory High School and a Wide Range of Academic Offerings

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The Gymnasium am Münsterplatz is a classical college prepatory high school. It offers main elective subjects in various languages as well as the combined subjects of Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy (PPP). Latin, Greek, English and Spanish are the languages offered as main elective subjects. French and English are core subjects and Italian can be taken as an optional subject. The academic profile of the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz is bolstered through ancient languages (Latin, Greek), their derivative romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian) and the deep humanist ideals sprung from antiquity and deepened through modern scholarly practice (PPP). All other basic subjects are identical to those of other schools in Basel: at the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz there is the same level of mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, music and the visual arts.
General academic knowledge, the main objective of each college preparatory school, is guaranteed thereby. Through Latin and Greek, doors are opened to specialized college courses such as archeology, linguistics, history,and musicology. Graduates of the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz therefore have access to all Swiss universities and technical colleges. Through Spanish, students have the opportunity of learning one of today's most important world languages. In all modern languages, it is not just a matter of acquiring the ability to speak, but gaining insight into the literature, history and mentality of the various cultures associated with These languages.
"There are privileges to being a history teacher: I do not have to operate any machines, nor sell insurance, nor worry over compensation plans. I have the privilege of exploring with young people our past, arguing with them about the present and together with them questioning our future. "
"In German class, I want to use the opportunity to respond to the personal concerns and problems of young people. Both the oral and written use of their own language make important contributions to communication; media studies and the discussion of current events promotes critical thinking and the formation of personal opinions."
"Teaching Latin has a special appeal: Like a detective, you have to uncover underlying connections through small visible traces. In our fast-paced times, where we quickly jump from one activity to another, through Latin, teenagers come to appreciate the value of reading slowly and deliberately."
"In the main elective subject PPP I can work together with the students to achieve a deeper understanding of human nature. The opportunities for interdisciplinary teaching made possible through this subject are very enriching, both for the students and for the teachers. "
"Spanish is not just Spanish. While an Argentinian with the best intentions would ask a Spaniard in which cuadra (South American Spanish = block) he lived, the Spaniard would answer with indignation that he lives in no cuadra (Spanish: stable).  For us, Spanish classes should be a journey of discovery to all the various and different Spanish-speaking cultures. "
"'If you do not want to remain a child forever' Cicero said, 'you have to know your past.' A considerable amount of our past can be traced back to ancient times. What makes ancient languages ​​so special is their consistancy in the face of the permanent rollercoaster of life today – in being dead, these languages are most alive.  I want to maintain this vibrancy. " 
"The chemistry classes are geared towards imparting the fundamentals of chemistry in the most accurate way possible as well as the minimal lab experience needed in preperation for university level studies in the natural sciences and medicine."
"My ambitions as a biology teacher are to show that it is worthwhile to engage in the unique experiment called ‘Nature’." 
"Visual Arts classes develop mental, emotional and technical skills, which lead to students creating independent artistic statements."
"Sports are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  That is why I support my students in worthwhile physical fitness activities during gym class and after school as well. "
"We support and respond to students’ varied educational backgrounds through diverse prepatory courses:  Through differentiated instruction we take into account each students’ individual needs and specifically bolster their study skills wherever might be needed. "
Our educational offerings are enriched through supplementary course offerings (from history to biology with chemistry, or biology with sport to philosophy, economics and law, visual arts or music) and optional subjects. The result is a diverse educational program. The following free electives are a few among many additionaly choices offered:  Italian, Spanish, English (Preparation for the Cambridge Exams), Latin, Hebrew, and supplementary Mathematics.  The compulsory subjects are represented in the curriculum overview.