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A personal atmosphere – a rich and varied educational experience

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The school bell is still rung by hand

At the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz everyone knows each other. You greet each other when you meet by chance in town. The teachers also quickly become familiar faces. 21 classes are taught in the various school buildings. It’s a manageable and friendly place. An older, more experienced pupil, who already knows the school inside and out, will be your «Gotte» or «Götti» (godparent). He or she will help advise you and ease you into your first year at school. Your «Gotte» or «Götti» will show you everything that is important at the GM, even some things that remain a mystery to the teachers and administration (!). This is one reason why the students at the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz feel so comfortable. They do not feel overwhelmed or left out. Knowing they have a more experienced student who is looking after them makes their learning experience more positive: Working together makes everything work better. The school administration, the teachers, additional school staff, and other special organisations and events will all help to improve your experience at the school. They make the school livelier and provide a platform for new ideas to become a reality. The Parents’ Council deals with school-related issues that come up at home. Wherever necessary, the council contacts the administration or the teachers to discuss possible solutions or improvements. The SchülerInnenparlament (SIP = Student Council), with representatives from each class, focuses on the needs of the student body. The SIP takes ideas from the students and discusses them with the administration and the teaching staff.

In the school courtyard, there are basketball nets and ping pong tables. A crate full of sports equipment is open during every break and during lunch. There are numerous places for pupils to go to during breaks, for example the Mediothek (media centre) with computer workstations. In the Mensa (cafeteria) you can eat food brought from home or purchase a filling and inexpensive warm meal. In the summer, you can sit at the tables in the courtyard for a picnic or just to relax. In addition to your daily school schedule, there are completely different activities where your class or even the entire school gets the opportunity to experience or create something special as a group: class theatre productions, excursions, skiing trips, study trips and the famous GM Festival all help to promote togetherness within classes and among the whole student body.