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Languages at the GM – Languages open doors

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Key to the past:

In classical language studies, we discover what we have inherited from the Ancient Greeks and Romans as we:

  • encounter mythical characters such as Hercules or Oedipus
  • work like Sisyphus or suffer like Tantalus
  • meet historical figures such as Socrates or Caesar
  • encounter words taken from Greek such as "democracy" or "harmony"
  • recognize the many traces of Latin in languages like French, English, Spanish and Italian
  • see how the ancient world was revived in the Italian Renaissance, or in the Spanish baroque period
  • become familiar with new mythical figures like Don Quixote or Don Juan
  • trace the influence of classical art and literature on abstract painting and modern architecture
  • wonder at the many English expressions in the computer world which are derived from Latin
  • inform our understanding of the present

 Classical languages

  • train our thinking
  • facilitate our understanding of specialized vocabulary and foreign-language words (especially in medicine and science)
  • promote fluency and expressiveness in our own language
  • teach us discipline and perseverance
  • expand our horizons

 Modern Languages

  • make travel easier
  • promote communication
  • give insight into other mentalities
  • grant access to the modern world
  • help us to understand multicultural societies
  • make us more tolerant
  • open doors to us in the future

 Classical languages

  • open doors in all disciplines
  • provide good prospects for success in science and engineering disciplines
  • provide a good basis for generalists and specialists alike

 The modern languages English, French, Spanish and Italian

  • help students to be open-minded and confident
  • offer the opportunity to study anywhere, to work and to live
  • open up new employment possibilities
  • increase the chances of finding a job
  • enable a better understanding of research and technology
  • unlock rich cultures and literatures
  • promote understanding and tolerance.

International language certificates at GM
In the subjects of English, French, Spanish and Italian, we offer test preparation in extracurricular courses (European standard: B2 level), giving students access to universities in the relevant language area. 
Students who study Latin and Greek are offered optional courses in English, which generally correspond to the normal English curriculum. In addition, you can opt to take the course 'Cambridge Certificate Preparation' and finish with an internationally recognized certificate. 
Those who choose Spanish as a major have the opportunity to take Latin as an optional subject. This is highly recommended, because Latin is essential for university studies in Spanish or any other modern language.