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Holidays in the year 1666

Days off in 1666

1. A half day before and one day after Christmas, New Year, Whitsun etc.
2. Birthdays and name days of the rector and certain teachers.
3. Doctoral Ceremony of a citizen of Basel
4. public executions from 9 am on - so that pupils could watch

Discipline of the teachers at these times

The teacher Johann Kindweyler had danced at a wedding in 1636 !!! He was fined by the authorities to pay 20 guilders (one month's salary!)

The teacher Rudolf Hoffmann was relieved of his post in 1669 for the following reasons:
He does not want to chastise the students himself, but delegates this to their fathers.
He refuses to attend the Sunday afternoon services.
He does not want to wear the prescribed pointed hat!
The historical past, which has great significance for the school, is present almost everywhere:
The gymnasium on the Rittergasse stands on celtic ramparts, the auditorium is built a Roman wall.
On the cathedral square has been found a roman well, and next to the school garden there are remains of workshops and weaving cellars from the Middle Ages.
At the beginning of the eighteenth century, when private schools flourished, the Gymnasium was in severe decline.
The famous mathematician Johann Bernoulli, who was then Principal, reformed the grammar School from scratch, thus securing its existence.