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The GM’s more Recent History

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The name “Humanistisches Gymnasium” was given to the school in 1930 only. It reflects the educational philosophy that the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz still follows.

Only in 1968 did the first girls enter our school!

In 1973 the first female student passed the Matura, marking the end of the old boys’ school “on Castle Hill” – a positive change!
Together, girls and boys have also helped shape the new school since 1997, when it was renamed “Gymnasium am Münsterplatz” and given a new mission and a new look.

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Our school’s most recent history has been affected by reforms in the educational system: the Basel school reform and the new Swiss Ordinance on Recognition of Matura.

The first of these meant that the Humanistisches Gymnasium had to adopt a name expressing its location, and it thus became the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz. In this way it became possible for us to offer the new main elective subjects Spanish and philosophy-psychology-pedagogy (PPP), in addition to the old languages Greek and Latin.

Since we also offer French (mandatory) and Italian (optional), all of the commonly used Romance languages can be studied at our school.

Another part of our most recent history is that after many decades, our school buildings have finally been (and are still being) completely renovated. We now have a new science wing; in 1998 our new assembly hall was inaugurated with a jamboree; and since 2007 we have had a brand-new media resource centre and our own canteen serving delicious food. In this way, tradition meets modernity at the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz.