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A Teacher’s Salary, Top Bracket, in 1767

Fixed salary in money (cf. “Retirement”) 148
Grain, 96 lb 96
Wine (!), 20 lb 20
Rent (to help pay for the official teacher’s residence) 60
Legacies 6.5
Money paid by students, three silver coins a year 40
Hourly fee for the free periods at school (private lessons) 45
“Accidentien” (mandatory gifts of money from the students!) 24
Annual salary (sum in pounds) 439.5

The hourly fees and “Accidentien” depended on the number of students, which was why a teacher of younger students could earn more than a teacher of older students – a cause for frequent complaints.

This income was barely enough to keep body and soul together. A teacher’s death spelled grinding poverty for his family, because the meagre income did not allow for any money to be saved. Teachers’ poverty was a reason for contemporary society’s disdain for them.