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Procedure and content of the IB Diploma Programme at GM

Procedure and Content of the IB Diploma Programme at GM

The Gymnasium am Münsterplatz has offered a varied English immersion programme with 5 subjects in taught in English since 2001. The GM offers the most complete bilingual education of all of the Basel gymnasiums.
Building on this bilingual tradition, students who are interested in registering for the Diploma Programme will be given detailed information about the programme during their 9th year of school and will then be assigned to the appropriate classes.

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  • After a thorough examination of all applications, new classes are formed at the beginning of the 10th grade, when students are entering Gymnasium..
  • Starting in the second semester of 10th grade, lessons in English are offered in the subjects biology, geography, computer science, and in a special project class. By attending these classes, students will become familiar with the language as well as with the methods and learning strategies that are important in the Diploma Programme.
  • From mid-11th to mid 13th grade, lessons in German, English, French, geography/history, biology and maths are taught according to curriculum of the IB Diploma Programme. The final exam takes place in May of grade 13. Shortly after, students graduate with the Swiss Matura diploma.
  • The new dual diploma programme with the IB diploma and the cantonal Matura gives the students access to numerous foreign universities. The International Baccalaureate Diploma has an excellent reputation, especially at English-language universities. Many universities and also technical colleges all over the world recognize the IB Diploma grading system.
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  • The many common denominators between the IBO Diploma Programme and the Swiss Matura ensure that the additional effort required is within reason. Many of the Matura and IBO subject areas are identical. The adjacent figure shows the shared subject areas in green:
  • The yellow circle contains the subjects offered at the GM required for the Swiss Matura exam. The blue circle shows the subjects required for the IB Diploma. The only subjects not previously offered at the GM are the IBO courses: theory of knowledge (ToK) and creativity, Action, Service (CAS).