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Exams, Grading and Fees

Exams and Diploma

The exams required for the IB Diploma are divided into two parts: IB experts evaluate one section of the exam externally; GM faculty members mark the other internally. All exams take place at the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz. The external section of the exam is evaluated and marked solely by the IBO experts.

  • Internal exams: IB candidates are required to take regular exams in their individual subjects during the course of the two-year Diploma Programme. The exams are administered in the form of essays, project work or oral exams. The exams are evaluated and graded by the individual faculty members based on standardized criteria. The IBO evaluates random tests in order to ensure that their standards are upheld; for example, oral exams must be recorded and submitted upon request. The internal exams account for ca. 30% of the Diploma grading.
  • External exams: Each May, the students in the 5th class take a final written IB exam in each of the 6 core subject areas. These exams are administered simultaneously all over the under the same conditions. The exams are then sealed and sent to the IBO to be corrected and marked. The external exams account for 70% of the total mark on the IB diploma.

Grading scale

The IBO grading scale goes from 1(lowest mark) to 7 (highest mark). It is applied in four different subjects (selected from the following subjects at the GM: German, English, French, History, Biology, Maths) with a maximum number of 42 points. In addition, a further 3 points can be added in the core subject areas: theory of knowledge, creativity, action, service and extended essay. The maximum number of points that can be accumulated for the diploma is 45.
In order to be awarded an IB diploma, a minimum of 24 points must be accumulated. In addition, students need to have passing grades in all of the core subject areas.

Fees for the IB Diploma Programmes

Parents and students of the IB Diploma Programme are required to pay fees for the exam registration and for the individual subject exams. The total fees are an estimated CHF 1800.- for the entire programme (subject to change). Additional fees for class books in certain subjects may be required. Should these expenses prove prohibitive for a family due to financial hardship, the family may submit an application for financial support by the GM. A fund exists for students who require financial assistance.