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Private tuition

If students need special support, they can also turn to their subject teachers, class teachers and school management. After the headmaster has been consulted and individual needs have been defined, private tuition can be arranged. The GM has a network of experienced external private tutors and good GM students who give other students private tuition unbureaucratically. The document below tells you everything about the procedure.

Private tuition – how to go about it:

Students wishing to receive paid private tuition
lessons at the GM:
Students interested in private tuition:
  • Application to the headmaster’s office, including precise information about the subject
  • After the confirmation by the headmaster’s office and subject teacher, the applicant’s name and email address will be put on a
    list (noticeboard in the glass cabinet in building B).
  • Contact with student interested in receiving private tuition, and discussion of how much tuition is needed (1-2 lessons per week).
  • Send the headmaster’s office a second application with detailed information (name / subject / number of lessons)
  • After confirmation from the headmaster’s office that it will pay for the costs => start of private tuition
If tuition is adjusted or terminated, the headmaster must be notified!
  • Please send an email directly to a student
    giving private tuition (according to the list on the noticeboard in the glass
    cabinet in building B)