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Learning support and remedial classes


The Gymnasium am Münsterplatz has a broadly developed support course offer, which weekly courses open to all pupils. In the support courses, students get help for homework or and preparing examinations. Die Kurszeiten der Stützkurse entnehmen Sie bitte dem Generalpensum.The course times for each subject can be found in the main school timetable.

The following teachers are available for questions concerning the support courses:

German:  David Stöckli E-Mail:
German as foreign language: Stefan Schwarz  E-Mail:
French: Yvonne Jansky E-Mail:
Mathematics: Dr. Thomas Schindler E-Mail:
Latin: Walter Aerni E-Mail:
Spanish: Montserrat López E-Mail:

Support centre for foreign language speakers with different educational biography:

In case of special support requirements, pupils can also contact their subject teachers, class teachers or the school management. In consultation with the principal and the coordinator of the support centre, the specific requirements are defined and measures put into place. Subsequently, a build-up programme in German, French or in other languages can be organized quickly and unbureaucratically. The GM disposes of a broad Network of personnel experienced in remedial teaching.

Coordinator support centre: Dr. Manuel Pombo               E-Mail:
German as foreign language: Stefan Schwarz                  E-Mail: