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School Management

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Remo Gallacchi; Dr. Eugen Krieger; Karin Ricklin; Manuel Pombo, PhD

Principal Dr. Eugen Krieger

teaches Latin and History and has the following areas of responsibility:

  • External representation of the school
  • School development and Quality Management
  • Personnel planning and teaching lessons allocation 
  • Appraisal interwiews
  • Organization and approval of teacher training
  • Class fromation and student distribution
  • Head of Matura examinations
  • Authorization of techers' leaves 
  • Schedule planning and adjustments
  • Head of school services (Secretariat, janitor, assistants)
  • Crisis Intervention (students and/or staff)
  • Admissions and Exit interviews with students
  • Budget planning and approval
  • Head of Support centre for foreign language students
  • Head of Learning centre
  • IB-Administrator
  • Planning of room allocation, furniture and equipment purchase
  • School Foundations (HG 400, Matthäus Vischer-Mylius, Jubiläumsfonds, Fechter Fonds, Thomas Platter-Haus)

E-Mail:    Tel.: 061 267 88 70

Vice-Principal Karin Ricklin

teaches History and German and has the following areas of responsibility:

  • Deputy Principal
  • Organisation of teachers' substitutions
  • Appointee of the Principal for Quality Management
  • Study Counselling and career guidance
  • Promotion of talented students
  • Disciplinary issues, Management of students' absences and leaves
  • GM Homepage
  • Direction of the media library
  • Special events: Theater projects, Health days, interdisciplinary projects
  • Organisation of the Matura examinations
  • Parents' visiting days
  • School trips
  • Organisation beginning of the term
  • Students' reports
  • Coordination health Promotion and prevention
  • Liaison with the School Psychological Service
  • Appraisal interviews

E-Mail:   Tel.: 061 267 88 76 

Vice-Principal Remo Gallacchi

teaches Mathematics and Physics and has the following areas of responsibility

  • Room planning and reservations
  • Security chief
  • Responsible for the timetable
  • Liaison with the caretaker
  • Investments and modernisation of school infrastructure
  • Coordination of special Projects and weeks with the department of education
  • Organisation of the optional sports programme    Tel:   061 267 88 78