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Alumni Association HG 400

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 400 years Humanistisches Gymnasium Basel 1589 - 1989


Purpose of the Association:

HG 400 is a non-Profit organization of alumni promoting all kinds of activities that contribute to the flourishing of the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz as a humanistic grammar school in Basel. For this purpose, HG 400 invests the donations of HG/GM alumni, who maintain a close link with their school. The association is particularly committed to the promotion of classical education, the fostering of ancient and modern languages and it is strongly determined to encourage and promote cultural activities at the Gymnasium am Münsterplatz. HG 400 supports Projects that strive to spread the humanistic idea of education in Basel through teaching and research. The study trips of the GM classes, accried out annually as part of the main elective courses Latin, Ancient Grieek, Spanish, English and PPP and lead students to Italy, Greece, Spain, Austria, Germany, the UK, and the USA, are also partly funded by HG 400. Projects of the GM choir and orchestra also receive regularly financial support.