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GM 3LaP Research Presentation Evening: summary

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On Wednesday 3 June 09 3G students who performed their LaP research with Dr Batts presented their findings “conference style” in the GM Aula to invited parents.

Students selected a topic under the umbrella theme “State of the Planet”. Their selected topic had to involve some aspect of the impact of human activity on life/society/ecosystems/survival/planet Earth.

LaP (Lernen am Projekt) is an opportunity for students to acquire the necessary research & investigative skills, so they have the tools & techniques in their “educational rucksack” for the more challenging MA (Maturarbeit) in 4-5G.

Over Quartals 2-3 students progressed through, and reflected upon, the phases of any logical & organized research:
Selecting a title/research question => method/procedures => organized data collection => data analysis => interpretation & discussion => presentation of work

The evening had a very excitable & academic buzz. Parents meandered with an apero from poster to poster, and enjoyed much in-depth discussion. The students were eager to demonstrate their knowledge & agreed the evening was a good finalè & close to the LaP event.

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